DNA Barcoding Program Outcomes

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Taxonomic Groups

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Publications by Program

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GenBank published sequence data is divided by CSHL DNALC student or public DNA barcoding program, including Citizen DNA Barcode Network (CDBN), Barcoding US Ants (US Ants), Barcode Long Island (BLI), Urban Barcode Project (UBP), Urban Barcode Research Program (UBRP), Suzhou Barcode Project (SBP), Beijing 166 (BJN), and General Projects (GP). “General Projects” includes published sequence data from additional DNALC or collaborator-supported DNA barcoding programs.

First GenBank Barcode signifies the first DNA barcode sequence published for a species in the authoritative DNA sequence database GenBank. New Sequence Variants denote GenBank-published DNA barcodes that vary in sequence from already published sequences.