Symposium Archive

Each year, students present results during poster sessions at three DNALC-led DNA barcoding program symposia.
Experts are invited to speak about their efforts to study biodiversity of the New York metropolitan area.

Videos: Participant Reflections

Students reflect on their participation in three DNALC-led programs that use DNA barcoding to explore biodiversity in the New York metropolitan area.

2018 Barcode Long Island (BLI)

2018 UBP & UBRP

UBRP: NYC Science Research Mentoring Consortium, American Museum of Natural History

2017 Barcode Long Island (BLI)

2017 UBP & UBRP

2016 UBP & UBRP

2014 Urban Barcode Project (UBP)

2014 Urban Barcode Research Program (UBRP)

2013 Urban Barcode Project (UBP)

2012 Urban Barcode Project (UBP)