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Urban Barcode Project
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Wildlife & health
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Using spider webs as indicators of air pollution using using DNA barcoding to identify spider species.
Kristen Lee, Michael Wong
Tenafly High School, Other
Helen Coyle


The aim of our plan is to compare the species of spider in relationship to areas with different concentrations of motor vehicle pollution. Common patterns between the species and environment can suggest that certain spiders have more of a tolerance to motor vehicle pollution in comparison to others. The effects of human pollution are felt everywhere. A primary contributor to air pollution is from vehicle emissions which carry hazardous airborne particulates. For our plan, we will collect the spider webs in freezer bags and freeze the samples, taking pictures of the webs at all stages. We will collect samples of spiderwebs and spiders in varying locations in the New York and New Jersey area with different concentrations of roadside pollution. We will then do DNA barcodinga chemical digest of the spider-webs to determine the species of spider, after which we will analyze the data to find correlations of spider species to roadside pollution. DNA Barcoding spider webs to use as a bioindica


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