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Analyzing the Effects of Water Polution on Invasive Reeds in the Palisades Interstate Park Along the Hudson River using DNA Iden
Christine Kim, Shasha Liu
Tenafly High School, Other
Helen Coyle


Invasive plant species have become an increasing issue in the Hudson River ecosystem, especially in the southern parts of the Hudson River, where the river empties into the Atlantic Ocean. In this lower region there are as of recent documentation as many as 146 different invasive plant species. The effect of many of these foreign plant species is detrimental to the already existing plant and animal life as they increase competition for resources, in and along the shores of the Hudson. Current measures implemented to manage these invasive species such as the use of pesticides, are causing many native plants to go extinct; as of now 60% of native plants along the Hudson, present just 40 years ago are now extinct in the Hudson ecosystem. Our aims are to see if the invasive species, “common reed”, Phragmates australis, can act as a bioindicator for water pollution in the surrounding Hudson River area. We hope to find the effects that pollution has on reed diversity and to bring into public


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