Urban Barcode Project Team Thyme is Money
Urban Barcode Project
Research Topic:
Food fraud
Taxonomic Group Studied:


Running out of Thyme
Jayola Reid, Chelsea Oppong, Lucas Caceres, Matthew Pimentel
University Heights High School,
Patricia Pena Carty


Our project is focusing on thyme tea. Thyme tea is a common tea that people consume for medical purposes. We hope to find the answer to the following questions; What strain of tea is used in our tea products? What strain is the most common, and do they actually provide health benefits? Is it actually what it says to be? Do the companies actually use tea that is described? The way in which we will go about finding the answer is by obtaining samples of tea leaves that match the description of the brand’s ingredients. We will then sequence the tea leaves and the brand’s tea in order to see the genetic similarities. We make our own tea with the Thyme leaves of both the commercial and natural leaf. Then we’ll compare the qualitative and quantitative properties/data to see any differences or similarities. With our newly found information we will educate others on the truth of their thyme tea.


Team samples: