Urban Barcode Project Team FHHS Team 2
Urban Barcode Project
Research Topic:
Biodiversity & trade
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Identifying Phylogenetic Relationships and Biodiversity in Plant in Forest Park Using DNA Barcoding
Amy Mustafa, Nema Parkhomovsky
Forest Hills High School, Queens
Lauren Scanlon


Biodiversity is the variety and validity of life on earth. The greater the species diversity in an environment, the higher chance for ensured natural sustainability for all life forms. DNA barcoding is a useful technique that helps identify variation of species in an ecosystem. This technique uses regions of DNA in order to identify species. This identification of organisms is essential as it helps to observe the effects of environmental factors such as climate change on an ecosystem. The main goal of this experiment is to assess and identify plant lineage and the biodiversity of plants in Forest Park located in Queens, New York. In this experiment, the question that will be tested is How can we use DNA barcoding to identify plant lineage and biodiversity in an ecosystem? This method will include the method of extracting DNA and locating a single gene to identify a species by comparing their nucleotide sequences to a barcode database. The gene regions that will be used for DNA barcodin


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