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Urban Barcode Project
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Mobile Technology: A Survey of Bacteria Found on Electronic Devices
Elliot Sadoff, Emma Parr, Megan Koenigsberg
Friends Seminary, Manhattan
Hassan Wilson


The goal of this proposal is to identify the bacteria that is found on mobile technology within my school community, Friends Seminary, in New York City. Our hypothesis is that I will find a large variety of bacteria that exist on these mobile devices across all types of devices and people, and more harmful bacteria on personal devices. A majority of the student body uses iPhones; however, some use non-iPhones and these devices may react differently to bacteria. A lot of students also use Mac computers, which may, because of their keyboards, have a lot of bacteria on/under their surface. We also hypothesize this to be true for the school laptops that every student has access to. Students use their phones almost all day when they are not in class, but during class they use their computers. Many students also use headphones while commuting to/from school or for in class activities.


Team samples: