Urban Barcode Project Team Impossible Burger (Year 2)
Urban Barcode Project
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Food fraud
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Impossible Burger (Year 2)
Elani Colon, Cianna Betancourt, Tanner Festa, Tina Sherpa
Frank McCourt High School, Manhattan
Vincent Joralemon


The Impossible Burger claims to be a meat free burger. Now that the patties are available in supermarkets, we want to redo our previous experiment with raw patty of the Impossible Burger. The question we wish to answer is "Is the Impossible Burger really meat free?" Our group of four will collect burger patties from various supermarkets, both vegan and meat burgers. In a lab, we will extract the DNA from both burgers using the DNALC DNA Extraction Protocol. Having raw meat is extremely important because there is a better chance of obtaining DNA. Once we complete the process of extraction, our plan is to see if the Impossible Burger has any percentage of meat. In addition, we also want to see the ingredients of the Impossible Burger, insuring all of the components are actually vegan. We can organize this data by compiling a spreadsheet. If there is meat or non-vegan ingredients, then we can claim false advertisement. It is essential to understand what we are eating thus why we are choos


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