Urban Barcode Project Team Aqua Jersians
Urban Barcode Project
Research Topic:
Biodiversity & trade
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Aquatic plants invaders of New Jersey
Ava Miller, Ella Bao
Tenafly HS, Other
anat firnberg


In this Urban Barcoding Project, we aim to identify some of the aquatic/semi-aquatic invasive species that are present in and/or near water sources in New Jersey. When at the two water sources, we will look for plant species that are commonly found, which can suggest that they are invasive if they are of foreign origins. We hypothesize that our data will reveal that some of the plant species we take our samples from would be nonindigenous, making them invasive species. We based our hypothesis upon the various invasive species of aquatic plants that are found on the Invasive Plant Species list by The Native Plant Society of New Jersey. Despite the list being incomplete, there are already more than 100 plant species in New Jersey that have been listed as invasive, making them a critical issue. We decided to focus on aquatic/semi-aquatic plants for this project because people tend to only pay attention to land plants when discussing invasive plant species, ignoring the aquatic ones in the


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