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Urban Barcode Project
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Animals: Invertebrate


How Dragonfly Populations are Impacted by Water Quality
Dexter Barton, Lamine Camara, Cyrus Klinenberg
Ethical Cultural Fieldston School,
Nim Lee


The goal of our Urban Barcode Project or UBP is to collect and sample the DNA of dragonfly nymphs as well as using water quality test kits to determine the water quality levels and how the water quality level correlates to both dragonflies and dragonfly nymph population rates through chemical tests. The collection of nymph and dragonfly samples will occur at Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, NY. The discovery of how water quality levels affect the distribution of dragonfly nymphs may also arise. Due to the fact that we are visiting multiple ponds in Van Cortlandt Park, it is possible that different species of dragonflies may have higher or lower tolerance to the various water qualities in a determined area. After the dragonfly and nymph samples have been collected, and the DNA of both organisms has been extracted, we would then correlate the collected DNA samples and organism data to the water quality levels. To determine the water quality levels, we would test chemical parameters which


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