Urban Barcode Project Team Eileen and Veronica
Urban Barcode Project
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Biodiversity & trade
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The Effect of Hurricane Flooding on Plant Diversity in Southeast Brooklyn
Eileen Zheng, Veronica Ng
Brooklyn Technical HS,
Risa Parlo


Hurricane season in the Atlantic basin is defined as a period from June 1 to November 30 when hurricanes and major tropical storms form. Climate change has been linked to the increase in magnitude, frequency, and intensity of precipitation. Being one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, New York has a close proximity to water, leading to a great extent of damage from hurricanes. Regions in the various boroughs are divided into 6 categories of hurricane flood evacuation zones, with zone 1 being neighborhoods that will most likely have to evacuate, to zone 6, less likely to evacuate. A recent major hurricane inflicted havoc amongst the five boroughs, specifically Brooklyn. Heavy precipitation can also cause oxygen deprivation, root damage, susceptibility to infection. Although there is an abundant amount of information on the impacts of hurricanes on plants, there is a lack of research on the influence of various extent of flooding on plant species. In our study, we ai


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