Urban Barcode Project Team Group 2
Urban Barcode Project
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Biodiversity & trade
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Biodiversity in New City Parks
Samantha Foodim, Susannah Hurlbut-Noonan, Samuel Roselin
Frank McCourt HS, Manhattan
Dora Miklos


Central park is one of New York City’s most important and beloved attractions, and unlike the empire state building or the statue of liberty, it’s teeming with life and ecosystems that you would never have noticed. We are going to be researching the different types of organisms and plants found around two different ponds in Central Park, located in Manhattan, New York City. The two ponds we are going to be looking at are Turtle Pond and the Reservoir, and we’re looking for the express purpose of seeing and comparing the amount of biodiversity in these given places. According to National Geographic, biodiversity refers to the different varieties of species that live on Earth. This includes plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria (Lanting, 2019). Because there are so many different species that have yet to be discovered on Earth, we refer to biodiversity to talk about this topic. Biodiversity is important because it talks about the survival of species and in the bigger picture talks a


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