Urban Barcode Project Team Adv Res Team #1
Urban Barcode Project
Research Topic:
Biodiversity & trade
Taxonomic Group Studied:
Animals: Invertebrate


Biodiversity of Ants in New York City Parks
Vanya Nyarko, Susannah Hurlbut - Noonan, Summer Jade Williams Watson, Ethan Lieman
Frank McCourt HS,
Dora Miklos


According to National Geographic, “Biodiversity refers to the variety of all living things in a selected area, or furthermore, the entire planet” (Lanting, 2019). Biodiversity is important because it is essential to the survival of life on Earth; it ensures the continuous survival of the planet’s life. It is essential to the functionality of life within an ecosystem because all organisms work together to move on their own accord. Every ecosystem has a balanced cycle that makes it what it is, and maintains the dynamic (Morel & Nogué, 2019). However, in this experiment, the biodiversity of ants in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan are being studied. Parks are not only beneficial to the functioning of human society, but also provides for an increase in the biodiversity of ants in New York City. The New York Times estimates that there are 42 species of ants living in Manhattan, and the number for all 5 boroughs remains unknown as of today (Nuwer, 2015). Our group’s goal is to shed so


Team samples: