Urban Barcode Project Team Team 2
Urban Barcode Project
Research Topic:
Biodiversity & trade
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The effects of nitrogen dioxide pollution on the biodiversity of plant species in New York City
Veer Malhotra, Pablo Ramirez-Salgado, Ali Hamdard
The Browning School, Manhattan
Akira Wong


We are currently undergoing one of the biggest threats our earth has yet to face, air pollution. Over time, urbanization has significantly increased pollution in New York City, becoming one of this country's biggest offenders of nitrogen dioxide pollution. Our goal for this research project was to study pollution's effects on Central Park's biodiversity. We hypothesize that an increase in pollution will lead to a major decrease in the biodiversity of Central Park. To measure this, our group will go to 4 randomly selected spots in Central Park and collect samples of multiple plant species to measure the biodiversity using Simpson’s biodiversity index and the Nitrous pollution using the air quality index. We will analyze and represent this data by using tables, graphs, and scatter plots to compare the biodiversity in relation to the average Nitrogen Dioxide level in the parking area. Our data would be useful for identifying locations where biodiversity is negatively affected by Nitroge


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