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Biodiversity & trade
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Correlating the biodiversity of weeds and pH of the soil in Manhattan-Pumphouse Park and Queens-Astoria Park
Ahmed Chowdhury, Sporsho Chowdhury, Khin Yadanar
High School for Health Professions and Human Services, Manhattan
Virdjinika Paljan Dragic


This study investigates the diverse landscape of weed plant species and soil pH across the two parks of New York City, namely, Manhattan-Pumphouse Park and Queens-Astoria Park. The research aims to provide an understanding of the ecological variations within urban environments and their impact on plant life. This investigation will utilize DNA barcoding to identify different weed plant species present in each park. Additionally, soil samples will be collected for pH determination shedding light on the environmental factors influencing plant growth and distribution. The variations in soil pH further contribute to our understanding of the ecological nuances within the borough parks. These findings have implications for urban planning and environmental management, as they highlight the need for context-specific strategies to promote biodiversity and sustainable land use. It also provides valuable insights into the intricate relationship between urban landscapes, weed plant diversity, and


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