Urban Barcode Project Team Living the Log Life
Urban Barcode Project
Research Topic:
Biodiversity & trade
Taxonomic Group Studied:
Animals: Invertebrate


Testing the Theory of Island Biogeography Under Log Islands
Cristina Ellis, Atiksh Bordia, Ella Odinec
Ethical Culture Fieldston School, The Bronx
Howard Waldman


The theory of island biogeography can help predict the number of species that will occur on a given island. These islands are not necessarily islands; this theory can be applied to the diversity of lakes, forest fragments, summits, and more. We decided to study the theory of island biogeography on the smallest scale, examining log diversity based on the size of the logs. Logs can be considered "islands" because of the micro-habitats that lie beneath them. Many invertebrate species call Randall's Island home. A lot of these species reside under logs, so in doing our collecting, we are expecting to see many different species. We expect to find invertebrate species in the families of Chilopoda, Annelida, Diplopoda, and more under logs on Randall's Island. By examining the species collected and the size of the logs they were found under, we will learn more about the species on Randall's Island and reveal if the theory of Island of biogeography applies to this small scale.


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