Barcoding US Ants
Sample Documentation

Dr. Sharon Pepenella, DNALC Educator and NIH-funded DNA Barcoding Programs Manager, presents the DNALC Sample Database for sample metadata and Dr. Jennifer Hackett, DNALC Educator, explains chelex DNA isolation.

  • Sample Database Protocol (PDF)
  • Microscope Recommendations
    We have tested a few inexpensive USB microscopes to image small organisms:
    • Wired Jiusion 40-1000X microscope takes bright, in-focus sample pictures.
    • Wireless Yinama 50-1000x microscope, has very nice magnification but lacks brightness. Adjusting brightness and contrast in Photoshop can improve picture quality.
    • Plugable USB 2.0 Digital microscope with flexible arm does not take adequate pictures.
    Let us know if you've tried any other inexpensive microscopes!