Barcode Long Island Team PMHS Water Mites
Barcode Long Island
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Wildlife & health
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Animals: Invertebrate


The Biodiversity of Water Mites In Freshwater Lakes
Emma Remien, Justin Zhou
Patchogue-Medford High School, Suffolk
Jennifer Gatz


The Great Patchogue Lake is a freshwater lake located just north of Montauk Highway and is bordered by Waverly Avenue to the west and North Ocean Avenue to the east. The 40 acre lake was dammed to provide water power for the textile industry. Today it is home to a diverse warmwater fish community: abundant perch and crappie provide plentiful fishing opportunities in the spring. The area surrounding the Patchogue Lake is invariably bustling with local commuters and is located less than a mile from the town of Patchogue. Samples will be collected in several locations around the lake including regions closer to Sunrise Highway and others in a less populated area. The West Lake is a freshwater lake located in Patchogue just north of Montauk Highway and west of Waverly Avenue. The lake is fed by Tuthills Creek and is around 20 acres with a maximum depth of 5 feet. Located less than a mile away from the town of Patchogue, the surrounding area of West Lake is mainly residential despite the ma


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