Biogenetic Diversity of Ants in the Westhampton Beach Metropolitan Area
  • Lola Anderson, Evan Lockwood, Jack Schultz
  • Westhampton Beach High School
Effects of Soil Composition on Biodiversity of Ants Biodiversity
  • Valerie Finke, Christie Stevkovski, Han Chen, Morgan Pilo
  • Westhampton Beach High School
The Effect of the Asian Shore Crab on Biodiversity in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Amanda Nemshin, Hannah Van Son
  • Cold Spring Harbor High School
Barcoding Species
  • Ava Rooney, Ava Pentecoste, Ava Vona
  • Eastport South Manor HS
Beetle Collectors
Investigating the Effects of Pesticides on Beetle Biodiversity
  • Ella Causin, Joshua Devery, Olivia Drapala, Caleigh Gobetz
  • Connetquot High School
Transportation of invasive species by recreational boating in Cold Spring Harbor and its effects on biodiversity
  • Lance Schneider, Kathleen Byrne, Olivia Pellizzi
  • Cold Spring Harbor High School
Examining how different environments affect the biodiversity of ants.
  • Hannah Meehan, Summer Perry, Kellyanne Moran
  • Connetquot High School
The Evolutionary Relationships of Parasitic Ants and their Hosts
  • Kevin Darcy, Raymond Bailey
  • Long Island Aquarium
Biodiversity of the Peconic River
  • Christopher Bruno, Thomas Fabian, Sarah Idler, Amanda Balsamo
  • Eastport South Manor HS
Erol D Altug
Assessing Biodiversity in the Suburban Ant Colony
  • Anne-Sarah Nichitiu, Xinran (Annie) Cao, Marc Nichitiu
  • The Stony Brook School
The Effect of Environmental Pollution on Insect Biodiversity
  • Karina Rios, Elise Smith
  • Freeport High School
Acid Rain and pH Level
  • Cooper Oster, Maxwell Franz, Hayden Calabretta
  • Cold Spring Harbor High School
Halloran’s Disciples
Suburban Effects on Beetle Diversity
  • Eddie Smith, Sean Rogalle, Thomas Russo, Jonathan Grenci
  • Connetquot High School
Who are you? Differentiation of Suffolk Mosquito Samples by DNA Barcoding
  • Jessica Barayuga, Christian Finnegan, Corina Flores, Thomas Waller
  • St. Dominic High School
LBHS SR1 Ant Barcoding Team
Our Sandy Ants: Exploring Ant Diversity on a Suburban Barrier Island Beach Using DNA Barcoding
  • Samuel Adler, Hannah Bloom, Samantha Feingold
  • Long Beach High School
Moth Diversity
  • Melissa DiBlasi, Trinity Srich
  • Connetquot High School
How do Mud Crabs affect the Biodiversity of Cold Spring Harbor
  • Henry Dam, Nicholas Gioules
  • Cold Spring Harbor High School
An Investigation of Parasites Diversity in lyanesa obsoleta
  • Danielle Shokrian, Harry Murphy
  • Long Beach High School
Bloodworms in Cold Spring Harbor affect the biodiversity of the harbor
  • Saami Ali, Will Brancato, Luke Roberts
  • Cold Spring Harbor High School
Mosquitoes and Dengue Fever
  • Maria DiLeo, Helena Gawlowski, Dylan Ward
  • William Floyd High School
The Effects of Minimal Vehicular Traffic During Quarantine on the Macroinvertebrate Population in a Freshwater Pond
  • Tesia Roth, Sara Louser, Aaron Greenberg
  • Shoreham-Wading River High School
The Effect of Chemical Fertilizer on the Biodiversity of Earthworm Species
  • Asma Rashidzada, Blythe Wing
  • Shoreham-Wading River High School
The Effect of Boat Traffic on Macroalgal Biodiversity in the Peconic Estuary
  • Matthew Cerniglia, James Minetti
  • Shoreham-Wading River High School
Team Formicidae
Habitat Fragmentation of Ants North and South of the Long Island Expressway
  • Nicholas Krall, James Latini, Ayaan Shaikh
  • Connetquot High School
  • Sue Lauter, Test test
T & F
Does a specific frequency of sound attract ants?
  • Tiffany Gao, Fariha Annass
  • Connetquot High School
The effects of salinity on the microbiome of Acropora
  • Kyle Robert Caputo, Benjamin Browne
  • William Floyd High School
The Double Helixes
Overt or Undercover? Investigating the Invasive Species of Beetles on Long Island
  • Brianna Francis, Isabel Louie
  • The Scholars Academy & Sacred Heart Academy
DNA Barcode LI Proposal
  • Connor Berlinghof, Christian Ripp, Harkirat Sahansra
  • St. Dominic HS
Changes in the Biodiversity of the Peconic Estuary
  • Caitlin McGovern, Caylin Luciano, Ryan Lee
  • Eastport South Manor HS
Peconic River Biodiversity
  • Robert Gmelch, Anna Gansrow, Ryan Jannotta, Corinne Edele
  • Eastport South Manor HS
Barcoding the Peconic River
  • Natalie Reid, Scarlett Melia, Fallon McKenna, Sophie Rambelle
  • Eastport South Manor HS
The Sleepyheads
The Analysis of Plante in Herbal Teas and their Melatonin Comprisement
  • Madelynd Argueta, Samantha Gonzalez, Edinelly Peguero Rosario
  • DNA Learning Center STARS and Individual High Schools
The effect of mollusca on the environment of Cold Spring HArbor
  • Alexandra Pace, Samantha Meyer, Jonathan Brown
  • Cold Spring Harbor High School
Peconic River DNA Barcoding
  • Preston Vinch, Julian Vinch, Layla Warsaw, Jillian Warsaw
  • Eastport South Manor HS