Using DNA Barcoding to Identify Toxic Algae Present in Wading River New York
  • jahdeba williams, Jhoana Sinchi Puma, Munachi Egbuziem
  • William Floyd High school
Anonymous Algae
Barcoding Green Algae from Freshwater Ponds and Lakes
  • Jacob DeMaio, Chris Dunne
  • West Islip High School
Biodiversity of Ants and Climate Change
  • Maya Goss, Julia Cernjul, Nehla Alam
  • Floral Park Memorial High School
An Ants Life
  • Pacey Cronin, Michael Hand, Katherine Ramos Nieves
  • Shelter Island High School
Ant Biodiversity in Nassau
  • Simon Kabacinski, John Cervantes, Trevor Wallace, Domenico Ventura
  • Chaminade High School
Arthropods at Home
  • Gwendolyn Posner, Emily Baldeo
  • Long Beach High School
barcode friends
Biodiversity Between North and South Shore
  • Ziya Patel, Sabrina Taranis
  • Mineola High School
The Impact of Chemicals in the Environment on Pollinator Diversity
  • Matthew Coleman, jacob Danziger, Zakee Sharif, Kevin Gatien
  • Connetquot High School
Beetles at Brook
Correlation Between Diversity of Beetles and Human Activity
  • Zehao Li, Jie Chen
  • The Stony Brook School
Project Mosquito
  • Juliana Goldman, Thomas Coughlin
  • Cold Spring Harbor HS
The Effects of Ecological Succession on the Biodiversity of Urban Gardens: Comparing a seasoned vs De Novo Garden
  • Griffin Cartos, Charles Lech, Talal Ahmad, Julie DeOliveira
  • The Queens School of Inquiry
Connetquot Macroinvertebrates
Macroinvertebrates and Water Quality
  • Emily Picchiello, Jenna Marcotte
  • Connetquot HighSchool
Coping with Copepods
Examining Copepod Diversity Throughout the Connetquot River
  • Jenna Drapala, Alejna Kolenovic
  • Connetquot High School
Can Coral Species Be Identified Using DNA Barcoding?
  • Emily Mysliwiec, Isabella Ibraham, Isabella cottone, Pari Patel
  • Connetquot High School
Crosstrea Comrades
Biodiversity attracted to Oyster Reefs on Long Island
  • Isadora Turbek, William King, Akilah Conquest
  • Long Beach Senior High School
DNA Barcoding in the Peconic River
  • Talia Wayrich, Anika Griffing, Kayla Bruno
  • Eastport South Manor HS
Survey of Ants in the Shu Swamp Nature Preserve
  • Ella Barry, Carleigh Zelman, Vimala Alagappan, Zara Ward
  • Friends Academy
Insects on the Wrack Line
  • Freddy Ramon Ramon, Julian Goren, Cameron Moses, abdul khan
  • Long Beach High School
Drosophila DNA
  • Shweta Karmarkar, Elizabeth DeSimone
  • Islip High School
eDNA Mode
Using eDNA to study the impact of fertilizer pollution on aquatic biodiversity
  • Christopher Hueber, Kyle Nelson
  • West Islip High School
Estuary Angels
Ecology of Plankton in Varying Areas of Salinity in the Great South Bay
  • Alyssa Grasso, Paisley Narra, Gianna Pillitteri
  • West Islip High School
FA Barcode Team 1
Identity and Distribution of Ants on the Friends Academy Campus
  • Kelly Chee, Dominick Williams, Helen Marcel
  • Friends Academy
DNA Barcoding in the Peconic River
  • Vasilina Pastukhova, Cianna Cummings, Kiera Cassar
  • Eastport South Manor HS
The Microbiomes and Heavy Metals within the Sediments of the Forge River
  • Marissa K Kesse, Tatianna Rascoe
  • Stony Brook University Science and Technology Entry Program
Fungal Diversity in Coastal Ecosystems
  • Joseph Pimentel, Jacob Grant
  • Long Beach High School
  • Abigail Giubergia, Lynn Jacques
  • Valley Stream Christian Academy
Barcoding the Species of Macroinvertebrates of the Peconic River
  • Rishi Shah, Jake Pfeffer, Austin Wefer
  • Eastport South Manor HS
  • Madison Andersen, Anjalee Appalsammy, Vasu Persaud
  • Islip High School
Mosquito Biodiversity at Upland Farm
  • Henry Como, Harrison Woods
  • Cold Spring Harbor HS
Barcoding Species of Macro-Invertebrates of the Peconic River
  • Christian Godlewski, Craig Slovensky, Dylan Gaber
  • Eastport South Manor Jr-Sr High School
The effect of pesticides on the biodiversity of ants.
  • Isabel Lopes, Dominique Crecco
  • Mineola High School
The Effects of Industrial Outdoor Lighting on the Attraction of Beetles
  • John Sforza, Brendan Rogalle, Kevin Wilk
  • Connetquot High School
A Study of the Diversity of Lichens Found in Long Beach, New York
  • Benjamin Armus, Daniel O'Connor
  • Long Beach High School
Long Island Insect Biodiversity
The Effect of Environmental Pollution on Insect Biodiversity
  • Elise Smith, Karina Rios
  • Freeport High School
Longwood Lionfish
Using eDNA to determine how Pollution affects Biodiversity of Fish in Patchogue Bay Feeder Streams
  • Susan Zhang, Philip Walsh, George Kipshidze
  • Longwood High School
Makaela and Juliana
The Effect of Pathogens and Nutrients on Aquatic Biodiversity
  • Makaela Flanagan, Juliana Colica
  • St. Dominic High School
Makayla, Shannon and Lily
Ant Biodiversity in Different Long Island Environments
  • McKayla Entenmann, Shannon Poole, Zhaojia Zhu
  • St. Dominic High School
Mattituck Science
Amphipod Diversity in Two Bay Estuaries in Mattituck: Farmland vs. Residential
  • Max Cantelmo, Wylee Sanders, Madison Storm
  • Mattituck High School
Michael Kamerer and Michael McGowan
The Impact of Human Interaction on the Biodiversity of Fungal Life on Long Island
  • Michael Kamerer, Michael McGowan
  • St. Dominic High School
How Varying Species of Mosquitoes React to Different Types of Light
  • Connor Hauser, Joseph DeRosa
  • Connetquot HighSchool
Are Repellent Bracelets Equally Effective Against Different Species of Mosquitoes?
  • Michael Massoni, Christopher Dubinsky, Justice Coppiano
  • Connetquot HighSchool
Deforestation's Effect on Vectors of Eastern Equine Encephalitis
  • Hammad Izhar, Humza Izhar, Harris Agha
  • Floral Park Memorial High School
Mosquito Diversity and Distribution in Long Beach, NY
  • Molly Hennessy, Samantha Rosenbaum
  • Long Beach High School
Barcoding Different Species of Macroinvertebrates from the Peconic River
  • Gianna Szajkowski, Sophia Pfeffer, Payton Macedonio, Ashley Minnear
  • Eastport South Manor HS
Terrestrial Snail Mucous Microbiome
  • Lauren Cottral, Lauren Callaway
  • Islip High School
The Biodiversity of Marine Macroinvertebrates in a Creek Near a Power Plant
  • Samsun Nahar, Andrew Cerase, Sara Volka
  • William Floyd HS
A new demo proposal.
  • A Demo, B Sure
  • CSHL
Plover People
Investigating the diet of the Piping Plover
  • Harry Murphy, Ariel Keynan
  • Long Beach High School
PMHS Water Mites
The Biodiversity of Water Mites In Freshwater Lakes
  • Emma Remien, Justin Zhou
  • Patchogue-Medford High School
Using DNA Barcoding to Analyze the Biodiversity of Predatory Arachnids
  • Isaac Galizio, Matthew Johnson, Muhammad Taha
  • William Floyd High School
Reef Raiders
Hard Surface Encrusting Biodiversity
  • Gabrielle Pine, sarah munier, Samantha Breen
  • Long Beach High School
The Impact of Restoration Efforts on Fish Biodiversity
  • Lauren Kennedy, Michele Muscolo, Victoria Cipriani
  • Connetquot HighSchool
Impact of Water and Soil Pollution on the Biodiversity of Hempstead Harbor
  • Justin Fried, Selina Wu, Kevin Lam, Aram Ebrahimian
  • Roslyn High School
SBS Hunter Family
Ants on The Stony Brook School Campus
  • Jiacheng (Wensan) Yin, Yinchi (Candy) Zhou, Yilun (Ellen) Tong
  • The Stony Brook School
Biodiversity of Long Island Freshwater Macroinvertebrates
  • brianna marinick, Isa Hollander, Samantha Kelly, Michael Hanson
  • Connetquot HighSchool
Sea Turtle Data Analysis
  • Angela Ochoa, Farihah Chowdhury
  • William Floyd HS
Scat Happens
  • Grace Olinkiewicz, Theo Olinkiewicz
  • Shelter Island High School
Biodiversity of Mushrooms in the Long Island Pine Barren Region
  • Jalal Sawas, Taylor Peperno
  • Shoreham Wading River High School
Measuring Biodiversity of Moss Species in Several Microenvironments in the Pine Barrens Region of Long Island
  • Brianna Donnelly, Torre Ann Parrinello
  • Shoreham Wading River High School
Biodiversity of the Peconic River Invertebrates
  • Hannah Hendrickson, Sophia Renna, Kiara Mehta, Mahsa Sheikh
  • Eastport South Manor HS
The Invertebrates of the Peconic River
  • Jenna Grosskopf, Megan Mullen, Kiara Mehta
  • Eastport South Manor HS
Documenting the Biodiversity of the Peconic River
  • William Singh, Norbert Gabor
  • Eastport South Manor Jr-Sr High School
Stella and Coraima
Diversity of Algae in Long Island
  • Coraima Flores, Stella Mancini
  • St. Dominic High School
Tag Team Tardigrade
Tardigrade Biodiversity Across Long Island
  • Robert Jean-Gilles, Luke Rinaldi, Sofia Marchetta
  • Huntington High School
Cirripedia: Parasitic Brachyura
  • Krystian Makocki, Andelis Adalis, Taylor Lobor
  • Christ the King
Team Forest
Biodiversity of Ants Species in Forest City Community Park
  • Ikshu Pandey, Abigail Akselrod, Brandon Langone, Timothy Langone
  • East Meadow High School
Comparison of biodiversity in plant Life in Jamaica, Bay, NY
  • Rosemary Garcia, Cynthia Monroy, Edima Ekanem
  • Queens High School of Information Research & Technology
Biodiversity Differences in Areas with Southern Pine Beetle Infestations Compared with Areas that are Unaffected
  • Morgan Elliott, Jacqueline Palumbo, Emma Cochran, Isabella Truglio
  • Connetquot HighSchool
Biodiversity of Beetles
  • Gwynne Smith, Janelle Changtonkam
  • Floral Park Memorial High School
The Ants of Jamaica Bay
  • Genesis Salcedo, Darien Moses, Lennyx Feliciano, Janilia Etienne
  • Queens High School Of Infomation Research and Technology
Using DNA Barcoding to Analyze the Biodiversity of Flatworms in a Riverine Ecosystem
  • Lauren Acevedo, Saniyyah Pitner
  • William Floyd High School
Power Plant Proposal
  • Makaylei Thrane, Cheyenne Smothergill
  • William Floyd High School
The Kool Achievers
The Use of DNA Barcoding Techniques to Determine Biodiversity of Ants in Cunningham Park, Fresh Meadows, NY 11366
  • Kevin Naska, Michael Dimitrov, Joseph Pasqualicchio
  • Francis Lewis High School
Barcoding the Micro- and Macro-invertebrates of the Peconic River
  • Jarid Aguanno, Cameron Capozzi
  • Eastport South Manor Junior-Senior High School
Too, Wong, Nagib
Effect of Introduced Flora on Biodiversity of Invertebrates
  • Katrina Too, Allison Wong, Gina Nagib
  • Francis Lewis High School
Vampire Huntresses
Mosquito Species in Queens, New York: The Mosquito Hunt
  • Nada Eldeeb, Amanda Ma
  • Francis Lewis High School
Water mite Tidal and Seasonal Variation
  • Vincent Fattizzo, Edward Mendez, Ashley Hart, Noelle Estrada
  • William Floyd High School
Plants on the Beach: Long Island Sound Vs. Huntington Bay
  • Will Van Deusen, Ryan Terry
  • St. Dominic High School