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Barcode Long Island
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Animals: Invertebrate


Biodiversity of Beetles
Gwynne Smith, Janelle Changtonkam
Floral Park Memorial High School, Nassau
Daniel Mezzafonte


The Asian Longhorned beetle, commonly known as ALB, is an invasive species that has rapidly evolved throughout the years. Although ALB are native to China and Korea, their larvae have emerged in the U.S mainly from latching onto wooden packaging that was being shipped to New York. Today, ALB are present in many regions of the country including Long Island. However, they pose threats to the biodiversity of our ecosystems. The ALB feed on a large host of trees such as the Maple, Brich, Elm, and Willow. Their repeated attacks from scores of larvae ultimately kill the trees. Furthermore, once larvae hatch from their eggs (located within the bark), they feed on the tree’s live tissue that is responsible for transporting nutrients throughout its system. Thus, ALB disrupt nutrient flow and maple flow, an essential element that is used for furniture and flooring. To further prevent this species from destroying the native ecosystem and biodiversity of Long Island, it is imperative that we disco


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