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The Microbiomes and Heavy Metals within the Sediments of the Forge River
Marissa K Kesse, Tatianna Rascoe
Stony Brook University Science and Technology Entry Program, Suffolk
Victoria D'Ambrosia


The Forge River is a highly polluted waterway in Mastic Beach, New York. Sediments will be analyzed through an established collaboration between the NSLS II at Brookhaven National Laboratory, the High School Spectroscopy BAG, and The Science and Technology Entry Program. Heavy metal data has been collected and continues to be collected at three sites along the Forge River and one control region approximately one mile north of the river. Currently unpublished data indicates that Fe, Mn, and Zn are present throughout the entire river while each region has specific potential contaminants present. For example, Vanadium and Gallium appear to be present at the mouth of the river while Copper appears to be present at the head of the river (Borrayo et al, 2018). Through 16S microbial analyses, it is expected that we will find microbes that metabolize specific contaminants present at each region.


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