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Impact of Water and Soil Pollution on the Biodiversity of Hempstead Harbor
Justin Fried, Selina Wu, Kevin Lam, Aram Ebrahimian
Roslyn High School, Nassau
Lisa Daniels


This project aims to address the widespread issue of water pollution, soil pollution and biodiversity on a local level. There are only a few major studies that distinguish the causes of water pollution on Long Island, so in this study we aim to find one or more causes of the pollution and look at the impact it has on the biodiversity of the area. Since water pollution has impacted the community, ecosystem, and overall health of Long Island, this is something that should be investigated. We hope to pinpoint a source of the fluctuating water quality levels of the Western Basin by testing Barr Beach and using Cold Spring Harbor as our control. We have chosen Cold Spring Harbor as our control due to its distance from the city and the Connecticut shore and since the area is less populated. We have chosen the Western Basin in particular since it experiences the lowest water quality levels, making it the best candidate for study (“Water Quality Index.”)


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