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A phyllospheric analysis on the Impact TMV has on the microbial diversity of Nicotina tobaccum
Chandrema Hossain, Brianne Maher
William Floyd High School, Suffolk
Victoria D'Ambrosia


Tobacco plants such as Nicotiana tabacum continues to be a major export item in the world, resulting in mass production of cigarettes. Besides from the production of cigarettes, tobacco plants are also being utilized for pharmaceutical research: for example, it has been evident that an Ebola vaccine can be established by tobacco plants. Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) continues to be one of the most economically major plant viruses because of its ability to spread the virus to neighboring plants resulting in a decline in crop yields such as tobacco 2. In a molecular perspective, after the loosening of the capsid protein on the viral coat, replication takes place within a short span of time. The virus then decreases the rate of autophagy by manipulating the plant to produce viral proteins instead of resistant proteins 8 . Survival of beneficial microbes with pathogenic defenses are necessary for photosynthesis and growth 10 . Currently, there is a knowledge gap concerning the comparisons of


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