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Barcode Long Island
Research Topic:
Wildlife & health
Taxonomic Group Studied:
Animals: Invertebrate


Impact of Water Pollution on Biodiversity in Brookhaven and Lindenhurst
Selina Wu, Aram Ebrahimian
Roslyn High School, Suffolk
Lisa Daniels


This project aims to address the widespread issue of water pollution and biodiversity on a local level. We aim to find one or more causes of the pollution and look at the impact it has on the biodiversity of the area. Since water pollution has impacted the community, ecosystem, and overall health of Long Island, this is something that should be investigated. Water pollution not only impacts the ecosystem’s biodiversity but also threatens the health of humans. We wills study the pollution of the water in two locations and also compare the biodiversity. The control location will have lower nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations and therefore a higher biodiversity level. In the polluted area where there is a higher concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus, there will also be an increase in the amount of algae, bacteria of decay and a decrease in oxygen. The control location will be Brookhaven, while the polluted location will be Lindenhurst.


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