Barcode Long Island Team PCKM
Barcode Long Island
Research Topic:
Wildlife & health
Taxonomic Group Studied:
Animals: Invertebrate


Barcoding Macroinvertebrates in Argyle Lake
Madeline Romaine, Clare Corcoran, Paige Seegers, Kiera Mroczka
Babylon Junior-Senior HS, Suffolk
Claire Donaldson


In the “Barcode Long Island” project the samples that will be collected are micro-invertebrates. The macroinvertebrates that have been collected are from the North East corner of Argyle Lake. The North East corner has a slight current heading south. This area is open and has a thick layer of mud on the bottom. The samples were collected by using Litter nets that were filled with leaves, rocks, and bait. The bait used in the litter nets was banana and apple. After the nets were filled they were left in the lake for twenty-four hours and then they were collected and sorted through for organisms. After the organisms have been collected they must be frozen in the freezer and stored until we can extract DNA from them. The reason for doing this is to see what species are present in the local area. This shows if new species have moved into the area or if species that were previously there aren’t there. This information can show how pollution or climate may be effecting the local area wh


Team samples: