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Animals: Invertebrate


Climate Change and its Effect on the Genetic Diversity of Formicidae in Floral Park
Julia Cernjul, Madison Lewis, Hibba Jaffri
Floral Park Memorial High School, Nassau
Daniel Mezzafonte


Despite their diminutive size, the effect Formicidae (ants) have on our ecosystem is enormous. A moderate diverse population of ants is proven to increase overall species diversity and improve environmental health. Ants achieve this by altering the nutrient content of soil, carrying plant seeds to other areas in which they can grow, as well as playing a major role in food webs across the world. All ants are contained in the genetic family Formicidae. The sub-families that lie within the formicidae classification are difficult to discern. However, one study performed at the IRBI Institute of Research on Insect Biology was able to reinforce three known complexes of subfamilies, found the groups within these complexes, and even succeeded in determining similar and variant classifications within these subfamilies. Another study quantified the level of genetic diversity found in specifically Formica ant populations, finding it to be less than that of general Formicidae ant populations. A ma


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