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Barcode Long Island
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Animals: Invertebrate


A study of the biodiversity of ants at Crab Meadow Beach periodically for comparison to climate changes on species on Long Islan
Quinn Campbell, Katelyn Entenmann, Daytona Ranieri, Gregory Lentini
St. Dominic HS, Nassau


The purpose of this study is to examine the Biodiversity of ants over many months to observe the effects that climate change has on the ant species. We will determine the different types of ants and their environment from Crab Meadow beach in the same spot starting in November. The biodiversity of the ants we are collecting is expected to decrease over the span of the collection months. This decrease will be the result of the dropping temperature during the winter months, and an increase in biodiversity will begin to occur as it starts to get warm again for the spring. This project will not only be performed by us over the next few months, but it is also expected to proceed in the upcoming years. The reason this will be helpful for science to continue this project yearly is to see the impact of climate change, a major issue in our world today, affecting the biodiversity of a species in an area we live in. We expect to see an increase of biodiversity over several years of this study, be


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