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The Analysis of Plante in Herbal Teas and their Melatonin Comprisement
Madelynd Argueta, Samantha Gonzalez, Edinelly Peguero Rosario
DNA Learning Center STARS and Individual High Schools, Suffolk
Jason Williams


Melatonin is a chemical that benefits many people daily. Melatonin can treat insomnia and circadian rhythm sleep disorders. These disorders are caused by desynchronization between internal sleep-wake rhythms and the light-darkness cycle. Melatonin also helps the body maintain homeostasis, in order for it to function properly.Flowers like Lavender and Chamomile are known as s econdary metabolites for the production of melatonin and are used in a variety of herbal teas. Using Lavender and Chamomile as experimental controls to test against if herbal teas containing Purple Cone Flower and the common Sunflower would contain melatonin as well. Melatonin in tea bags is not approved by the FDA for any use. Many don't trust the possible hidden substances in the teas we will be testing, along with testing the possibilities of Long Island native plants to contain melatonin it may also provide a trustworthy source of Melatonin. Describe your project goals and hypothesis: If plants containing melat


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