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Urban Barcode Research Project
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Biodiversity & trade
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Sumithrin and Bacillus thuringiensis effects on freshwater fish
Salvina Sharipova, Culex pipiens
New York City College of Technology, Brooklyn
jeremy seto


Agents such as pyrethroid toxins and Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) act as adulticide and larvicide, respectively towards the control of disease vectors. While these control agents are dispersed in fresh water bodies for control of disease bearing mosquitoes by Vector Surveillance programs, they inadvertently have off target effects. Larvicidal treatments using Bt are nonsepecific towards arthropod larvae which diminishes food sources within complex webs. Furthermore, pyrethroids display toxicity for lower vertebrates in addition to their intended arthropod targets. This study examines the diversity of freshwater fish in water bodies prior to treatment as a census through the barcoding of 12S rRNA. Disturbances in the water microbiome will also be examined after the intentional spike of Bt which will lead to microbial imblances as well as disrupting food webs.


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