AML Girls
Testing B Catenin Signaling in Leukemia Cells
  • Rosy Arora, Ellena Karapatakis
  • Columbia University
Antimicrobial resistance
Identifying Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in School Environments
  • Chelsea Zhang, Jerry Qiu
  • Queensborough CC
Avian Adventurers
Survelliance of RNA viruses in bird fecal samples
  • Damely Abreu, Gissette Noriega
  • Manhattan Center For Science and Mathematics
DNA barcoding of amphibians and reptiles from Panama
  • JieJie Yuan, Mendaka Bineth Abeysekera
  • American Museum of Natural History
Crustacean Crew
Analysis of Lobster Microbiomes
  • Kyaw Naing, Chloe Terestchenko, John Adam Rodriguez
  • Biotech without Borders
DZJ Columbia 2018-2019
Analysis of SMPD protein and Its Different Isoforms
  • Zoraiz Irshad, Janen Khan
  • Columbia University Medical Center
eDNA stability
Viability of eDNA in a time series after collection
  • Neil Sarkar, Shubh Khanna
  • American Museum of Natural History
Fardin and Emily Botanic
Possible aid of invasive and native plant species on criminal investigations
  • Fardin Khan, Emily Didia
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Hidden Park Foreigners
Do Hidden Park Foreigners have Different DNA Barcodes than Native Homebodies?
  • Kaitlyn Yang, Grace Ye
  • Hunter College High School, Stuyvesant High School and St. Francis College
Mosquito Menace
Best methods for identification of mosquito species for population monitoring and eDNA studies
  • Lauren Mei, Jody Peedikayil
  • Long Island University - Brooklyn
NYC harbor microbial diversity team
Assessing microbial diversity and antibiotic resistance genes in New York Harbor
  • Naema Begum, Sophia Wen
  • High School for Health Professions and Human Service
Barcoding the Billions of Bacteria in Probiotics
  • Michelle Chen, Yumna Elhassa
  • Long Island University-Brooklyn
Scincidae Vietnamensis
Vietnamese Skink Diversity
  • Cynthia Chan, James Gallagher
  • American Museum of Natural History
The Microscopic Zoology of New York City
  • Karen Liu, Chris Buiciuc
  • Biotech Without Borders
Team Vapors
Sequencing the smoke: the unseen microbial hazards of vaping
  • Rita Chen, Michelangelo Pagan, Kristoff Misquitta
  • The New School
The Three Hand Dryers
Influence of Hand-Drying Methods on Hands' Microbiomes and Bacterial Growth
  • George Dong, Judy Wong
  • Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
The Viral Scavengers
Expanding, characterizing and repurposing the invertebrate virosphere
  • Bryce Demopoulos, Ethan Lin
  • Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai