Assessing Ant Biodiversity and Presence of Invasive Species in Public Parks of Queens, NYC
  • Ava Aimable, Jingyu Chen, Vanshika Kohli
  • St John's University
Billion Oyster Project UBRP Proposal
  • Alex Bonham Walsh, Susan McKnight
Adulteration in Coffee
  • Dylan Greenberg, Ariana Khan
  • Mount Sinai
Investigating the Presence of Animal DNA in Vegan-Advertised Fast Food
  • Zoe Thuault, Nicole Fiorella Buitron, Maliha Tasnim
  • Johns Hopkins University
An Analysis of Weed Species for Potential Forensic Application
  • Kanav Dani, Aiden Ackerman
  • John Jay College, CUNY
Examining healthcare facilities for antibiotic resistant bacteria during Covid 19 pandemic.
  • Peter Adit Goswami, Leanne Auyeung
  • Queensborough Community College
mortua avis
Patterns of Avian Window Collisions at the New York City College of Technology Campus
  • New York City College of Technology
Effects of human disturbance on moss biodiversity in Central Park
  • Sadie Waldron, James Cannon
  • Manhattan Center for Science and Math
Using DNA Sequencing to Identify Microbiomes Within NYC Parks
  • Omna Siddiqui, Sofia Mykytenko
  • DNALC at City Tech
Investigating Nutritious Contents Found in Commercial Beverages: Salicylic Acid
  • Tasnim Chowdhury, Yuki Feng
  • Stuyvesant High School
Spice up your life: Authenticating Spices and Herbs through DNA Barcoding
  • Mahesa Miah, Sirazam Munira
  • Bronx Community College
Elucidating the metagenomic diversity of and across New York City subway stations
  • Alexa Rosenberg, Pierce Haider
  • Hunter College High School
Soil Biodiversity in Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • Shaon Anwar, Jessica Zhuo
  • Stuyvesant High School
Bacteria on Masks used for Covid19
  • Xinyi Zhang, Marianne Williams
  • Queensborough Community College