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The Effects of Moss on Biodiversity
Sarah Smyth, Kajal Khandelwal, Camden Carter, Benjamin Bush
Portledge, Nassau
Carolyn Chiu


The goal of this project is to figure out if moss affects biodiversity. The hypothesis - If the type of moss is a positive contributing factor to the biodiversity of the ecosystem in the quadrat then there will be different types of living organisms prevalent - will guide in exploring if different types of moss will affect how many plant invertebrates there are. Using the measurement of light index and temperature will help identify if there are different types of moss species and if so, more invertebrates and plants will be present. Light intensity explains how much light comes into that one area. The higher the light index, the more light is coming in, which connects to the soil temperature because the more light hits the soil, the more heat gets absorbed. Linking to our research question (mentioned above), if one type of moss had no invertebrates and plants around it and another did have many invertebrates around it, this could show that one type of moss could affect the biodiversit


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