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Biodiversity & trade
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The effects of lichens on the population of small invertebrates in Cold Spring Harbor
Eva Baudo, Brooke Seebeck
Cold Spring Harbor High School, Suffolk
Jaak Raudsepp


Lichens are a combination of a fungus and a cyanobacteria. They grow on any undisturbed surface, and some even grow underwater. These organisms work together through a symbiotic relationship to provide a hydrated shelter along with the production of food (NY State Parks, 2019). Lichens come in many forms. Whether it be differences in colors or in shape, there are many different kinds of lichens. Lichens promote biodiversity because of the important nutrients it provides to insects and plant eating animals. It also supports our environment by supplying oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Because of this, we have hypothesized that there will be more organisms on and around a surface with lichens than ones without lichens. In order to test this, we are going to collect 20 different lichens in this area as well as the organisms we find that are in a 2 feet radius of the different lichens.


Team samples: