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Biodiversity & trade
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The Impact of Nitrogen Pollution on Lichens
Kira Diament, Uma Khurrum, Krish Sharma
Roslyn High School, Nassau
Lisa Daniels


Abstract (1000 character limit): The problem we are investigating is the effect of air pollution on the biodiversity of lichens. This experiment will strive to prove that in certain industrialized or commercial areas, lichens will be less biodiverse or be weaker and/or dying. In an upturn it can also be proven how lichens might have adapted to an environment which would have initially weakened or killed them off. These results will be compared to areas with less air pollution. In these areas we would see more lichens and less diversity between them. The first area we will sample is Hidden Pond Park which on a map of Long Island has many commercial and industrial areas surrounding it. This area will have more air pollution which means the lichens in this area may differ from lichens in areas without high air pollution levels. We will look to see if lichens found in the polluted area are similar to one another phylogenetically. We will also compare them to the areas that are not polluted


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