Urban Barcode Project Team GCHS-1H2
Urban Barcode Project
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Biodiversity & trade
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Pollen Shape: Invasive versus Native Plants of Long Island
Roisin Pfaff, Julianna Scianablo, Brooke Hopkins
Garden City High School, Nassau
Steven Gordon


The purpose of this research is to focus on the pollen shapes of various plants on Long Island. This study will investigate the differences in pollen shape of invasive versus native species. Plants can be determined as invasive or native by usage of DNA barcoding kits. This DNA electrophoresis can separate which plants are invasive or native. It has been hypothesized that these differences in pollen shape could be what attracts different insects. If some invasive pollen shapes are found to attract more pollinating insects then native plants it can be concluded that they are outcompeting the other plants. Plants must pollinate in order to reproduce and maintain their population levels. This research’s investigation into pollen shapes should help to determine the impact of invasive plants on Long Island. By categorizing plants based on pollen shape this research can be influential to the study of biodiversity on Long Island.


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