Urban Barcode Project Team Team Moss (Rob & Xuan)
Urban Barcode Project
Research Topic:
Biodiversity & trade
Taxonomic Group Studied:


DNA barcoding moss and performing soil and air analyses to identify unique species for bioremediation in Brooklyn, NY
Robert Antonyan, Xuanjie Chen
Brooklyn Technical High School, Brooklyn
Michael Estrella


Air and soil pollution, such as CO2 and heavy metals, pose threats to ecosystems and public health. Biomagnification of these pollutants is of particular concern to human health. Previous research has shown specific moss species can remediate these pollutants. Moss is resilient and widespread in NYC, we hypothesize that they can be used to reduce pollutants and prevent biomagnification. Using prior mappings of NYC pollution, we will collect samples of moss, the surrounding soil and measure air CO2 levels at specific locations in Brooklyn. Species of moss will be identified through DNA barcoding and soil and air CO2 levels will be measured. From this data, correlations between species and pollution levels will be investigated with the goal of identifying moss species that are adept at helping lower NYC’s pollution levels. The data could contribute to solutions using bioremediation through urban planning and sampling the biodiversity of moss in Brooklyn.


Team samples: