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Animals: Invertebrate


Human Infrastructure Moderates Ant Diversity of Wantagh
Fiona McQuillan, Krista Dowling, Hailey O'Brien
Wantagh High School, Nassau
Casey Clark


Out of over 12,000 ant species worldwide, 128 are native to New York, and around 10 are native to Long Island. Pavement ants are most likely to be found in houses and places where human food scraps are available for them to eat. Aphaenogaster Picea ants are most likely to be found in wooded, forest areas. In this study, we will be testing opposite sides of major roadways to try and find out the factors that affect ant diversity in Wantagh. The Wantagh footbridge is a pedestrian pathway above the Wantagh Parkway on Beltagh Avenue which continues on Beltagh Avenue on the other side. This creates a path for ants instead of them getting harmed on the highway, but it could be hard for them to get to these bridges due to their size. . Our research will help us see how ants can move to new areas and make them less isolated. We will see if these populations vary based on their living conditions and environments of Wantagh.


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