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Barcode Long Island
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Animals: Invertebrate


How Does Biodiversity in Ant Species Compare in Areas With and Without Pesticide Application at Friends Academy, Locust Valley,
Alexander Pietraru, Logan Alvarez, Teah Login
Friends Academy, Nassau
Jennifer Newitt


According to the National Institute of Health there is a steady decline in ant biodiversity due to pesticide exposure and an overall decline in biodiversity. Our group decided to base our project on ants due to their way of life and how crucial they are to the ecosystem. We decided to test how organic pesticides affect ant biodiversity at our own school instead of non-organic pesticides. Many organic pesticides are less toxic than their synthetic counterparts, but that doesn't mean they are safe or won't cause environmental harm. We collected ant species from a location of with and without pesticides at Friends Academy and our main idea is, how does biodiversity in ant species compare to areas with and without pesticides at Friends Academy. We will collect the ants using a pitfall trap. This trap consists of a cup dug into the ground with soapy water inside to prevent the ants from escaping. This is the easiest way to get many ants. One trap will be placed by the Jackson house where Or


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