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Barcode Long Island
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Animals: Invertebrate


The Biodiversity of Ants Near Turf Fields vs. Natural Grass Fields on Campus at Friends Academy, Locust Valley, NY
Sophia Diaz, Jack Byrnes
Friends Academy, Nassau
Jennifer Newitt


Due to an increase in foliage, as well as an increase in natural prey and locations to craft anthills, a greater biodiversity of ant species is likely to be found in the surrounding areas of natural fields compared to man made ones surrounded with artificial grass. According to Britannica, because there is no soil that bases artificial grass there are really no stable food sources such as fungus, leaves, nectar and fruits and vegetables compared to natural environments that have an abundance of plants and natural food sources because of their soil based environment. Although we are not collecting directly on the turf field, we are collecting adjacent to it and we believe that because it is surrounded by man-made grass, it will have an impact on the amount of food sources compared to that of a natural environment. Samples of ant species will be collected from late September to October in order to test this hypothesis. Every two weeks, samples will be collected from pitfall traps placed


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