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Barcode Long Island
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Animals: Invertebrate


The effect of soil texture on isopods near the ocean
Jaime Pereira, Sami Mohammed, Devin Byrne, Timothy Neri
Lynbrook High School, Nassau
Stoycho Velkovsky


What is the effect of soil quality on the biodiversity of Isopods? Isopods are a very diverse species that are essential to the health of ecosystems. Isopods are known as leaf litter. They decompose fallen leaves and other things; they are essential to nutrient redistribution to the rest of the ecosystem. They often live under logs and leaves, in the soil. Soil structure refers to the alignment of clay, silt, and sand particles. This could affect the biodiversity of isopods because soil structure affects infiltration. We wish to study this relationship using DNA barcoding. Soil structure also affects the amount of water available for the ecosystem. Especially because of global warming, sea levels have been rising. So, ecosystems that are close to the shore but not on it could be affected in the future. Also, if the soil structure is not healthy for the isopods, less will live there, affecting the entire ecosystem negatively.


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