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Barcode Long Island
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Biodiversity & trade
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A Comparison of Lichen Biodiversity between Glen Cove High School and Garvies Point Preserve
Natalia Piasta, Leila Cullen, Lily Duche, Sabrina Backiel
Glen Cove High School, Nassau
Kerry Bunyan


A lichen is a life form that is made up of a species of fungus and algae. Lichen are commonly found on trees, rocks, and soil. In our research project, we are looking to compare the biodiversity of lichen between Glen Cove High School campus and Garvies Point Preserve. We will be collecting lichen from trees and rocks around Glen Cove High School campus and Garvies Point Preserve. Based on our research, we hypothesize that we will find more diverse species of lichen in Garvies Point Preserve because it’s closer to a body of water and has more diverse plant life. We also expect there to be a greater abundance of lichen at Garvies Point Preserve. After lichen are collected from both locations we will be using DNA barcoding to determine the species of lichen discovered. After identifying each species through DNA barcoding, we are looking to research whether or not the species are indicators of good air quality in the surrounding area.


Team samples: