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Biodiversity & trade
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Impact of nitrogen pollution on Lichen Species diversity
Angelina Shih, Ellis Lee, Darwin Yang
Roslyn High School,
Vincent Kreyling


Air pollution and water pollution can be detrimental to living organisms. Some organisms are more sensitive to changes in their environment such as lichens. Lichens are symbiotic organisms made up of a fungus and an algae. Lichens can be impacted by nitrogen in air pollution or nitric acid in acid rain. This experiment will look to identify the different types of lichens found in the two environments. The two environments have been chosen because of their known history of pollution. One environment will have higher levels of pollution, while the other will have less pollution. Our first location will be Christopher Morley Park in Roslyn Heights, NY. Christopher Morley Park is located near both the LIE and the Northern State Highway, which are very busy roads. Our second location is Stony Brook University campus. The campus has many wooded areas including nature trails. These nature trails have little to no industrialization near them. We chose this area for its location further east fr


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