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Barcode Long Island
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Animals: Invertebrate


A Continuation of the Analysis of the Cattail Mosquito Population in Suffolk County
Nicholas Guido, Anthony Abruzzino
Chaminade High School, Nassau
Karen Kuntz


We would like to analyze DNA from Coquillettidia perturbans (cattail mosquito) samples collected by the Suffolk County Department of Health in order to continue the sample analysis of C. perturbans samples that has been done over the past few years through the Barcode Long Island program. We aim to determine whether the population of C. perturbans consists of one species or if cryptic species are present within the population. We will examine the sequence of the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) gene following DNA extraction using the Chelex method from 20 C. perturbans samples obtained from the Suffolk County Department of Health. PCR will be used to amplify the COI gene and gel electrophoresis will be performed. If the PCR of the samples is successful, the DNA from these samples will be sent for sequencing. If differences in the DNA sequences above 3% exist within the samples, we can say that a subpopulation or cryptic species exists within this general population.


Team samples: