Barcode Long Island Team LIpocalyptic 2024
Barcode Long Island
Research Topic:
Biodiversity & trade
Taxonomic Group Studied:
Animals: Invertebrate


Soil Invertebrates of Pine barrens Post Vascular Destruction and Defoliated by Southern Pine Beetles
Alejandro Palma Blanco, Jordan Peck, Dylan Peck, Kaeden Hannan
North Babylon Research, Suffolk
john jaeger


This project analyzes the effects of Southern Pine Beetle on Soil Invertebrate Diversity of the Long Island Pine Barrens. It then dives into how controlled burns affect the soil invertebrate diversity occuring after vs no controlled burns. Pinus Rigida (Pitch Pines) are vastly spread throughout Eastern Long Island and are one of few Pine Barrens in the World. Southern Pine Beetles (Dendroctonus frontalis Zimmermann) are a pest invasive to the Pine Barrens of Long Island and can destroy trees in extremely short periods of time. This is through the destruction of vascular tissue. The research conducted was to gain insight into the natural soil invertebrate diversity after Southern Pine Beetle deforestation with controlled burning versus without controlled burning. Through this, we as a society can preserve the national treasure of the Pine Barrens by using methods to mitigate the damage Southern Pine Beetle is causing in relation to soil diversity.


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