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Barcode Long Island
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The Relationship Between Lichen Species and Spotted Lantern fly on Trees in the Garden City Bird Sanctuary
Kyle Watson, Lauryn Holzkamp, Lucia Dalia, Dylan Henry
Garden City High School, Nassau
Steven Gordon


Our project will focus on the effect of the Spotted Lantern Fly on our local flora. Certain species of trees are being killed by these insects and we want to see how this is affecting our local environment. Not only are we interested in the adult insects but the impact of their egg sacks on the bark of trees where they lay them. We will also look at associated lichen species on trees that the spotted lanternflies visit. There is a spotted lanternfly trap that we will get samples from. These invasive species are creating havoc on our local ecosystem and without natural predators it is difficult to keep their population in check. Local environmental agencies have encouraged people to kill them on sight but this method does not seem to be slowing their spread. We need to find a remedy or our local tree populations will be permanently affected. By identifying lichen species on trees preferred by this invasive species, we may be able to control the population.


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