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Barcode Long Island
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Biodiversity & trade
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The Effect of Human Pollution on Moss Biodiversity
Jeremy Ratner, Rowan Shenoy, Daniel Galvin-Gusmano, Nicholas Galvin-Gusmano
Portledge School, Nassau
Carolyn Chiu


In this experiment the objective is to understand the connection between pollution caused by humans in the air and the biodiversity of moss. In order to determine the biodiversity of the moss we will be collecting samples and using taxonomy to determine the species and genus as well as barcoding of the DNA to look for any changes in the DNA for differently polluted locations. To perform this experiment we will be collecting 20 samples of moss from around Long Island such as in a forest, by a road, and in a densely populated area. There will be four locations, with five samples per location. We will use sterile knives and sterile containers to collect the samples of moss and a freezer to store the samples. Our independent variable will be the air quality found in each area and the dependent variable will be the biodiversity in the moss populations. The calculation of biodiversity will occur by calculating the species richness in terms of the amount of mosses found. Additionally, the typ


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