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Research Topic:
Wildlife & health
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Animals: Invertebrate


Diversity and Seasonality of Ptinidae if the Three Village area.
Alexander Doboli, Zhaojin (David) Guo, Boya Zhang, Qingyuan (Harry) Zhang
The Stony Brook School, Suffolk
Erol Altug


Ptinidae is a family of beetles that can survive under many different conditions with a wide range selection of food, and some of them interact closely with humans as they use furnitures for housing and storage grains for food. While they are famous as pests, the diversity of the family and distribution in nature has not yet been closely examined, especially in the Three Village Area on Long Island. We aim to provide a better understanding on the diversity of family Ptinidae in nature by collecting and measuring the richness of the samples from designed traps, thereby contributing to our overall knowledge on the status of this family of beetles on Long Island with a potential investigation on the general seasonality of this family with different collection times.


Team samples: