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Urban Barcode Project
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Biodiversity & trade
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How is Fungi a Bioindicator of Air Quality
Alana Persaud, Angelica Capparelli, Aleksandra Weglarz
Forest Hills High School, Queens
Lauren Scanlon


In this project, we aim to determine how we can use fungi to indicate different air quality levels in NYC. We will be going to 2 different parks to test the air quality of different locations in NYC. We will be taking samples of fungi in different areas of the park and will be using DNA sequencing to extract the DNA from each sample of fungi. Once the DNA of each sample is isolated, the DNA will be sent off to a lab to determine the species of fungi. By examining these fungi samples, we hope to determine which species of fungi is more prominent in areas of good area quality or poor air quality. This will help us better understand how we can utilize fungi to help us learn more about our surroundings. Some samples of fungi may be from a more urban area, with highways and buildings nearby, where there could be a lot of smoke or activity. While other samples may be from deeper in the forest or park, surrounded by trees and other foliage. The air quality next to a highway would be more poll


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