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Wildlife & health
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Animals: Vertebrate


Sniffing out the carcinogenic spy: identification of p53 mutations in glioblastoma
Dheeman Klair, Anik Schorer
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Manhattan
Kai-Lin Peng


To help combat these malevolent genetic diseases, this research proposes to aid in cancer research and in the decrease of the fatality of cancer that has been apparent through the 2000s by determining the correlation between mutations in the tumor suppressor gene (p53) in the development of glioma. In this study, p53 mutation signatures in one human GBM cell line derived from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center will be identified. Primers will be designed to cover all exons of p53. DNA will be extracted from the GBM cell and PCR will be run. The bands will be cut to ideal sizes and submitted for Sanger seq. When the results are sent back, the DNA will be evaluated for mutations. Furthermore, the applicability of this patient research into this tumor will be evaluated with online databases to aid further research in this field.


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