The Relationship Between Lichen Species and Spotted Lantern fly on Trees in the Garden City Bird Sanctuary
  • Kyle Watson, Lauryn Holzkamp, Lucia Dalia, Dylan Henry
  • Garden City High School
Impact of nitrogen pollution on Lichen Species diversity
  • Angelina Shih, Ellis Lee, Darwin Yang
  • Roslyn High School
Group 1
Lichen Biodiversity of Long Island Parks in Response to Urbanization
  • Rylan Baxter, Krystopher Simon
  • St. Dominic High School
A Comparison of Lichen Biodiversity between Glen Cove High School and Garvies Point Preserve
  • Natalia Piasta, Leila Cullen, Lily Duche, Sabrina Backiel
  • Glen Cove High School
Barcoding the Long Island Pine Barrens
  • Issac Varghese, Liam Halpin
  • Patchogue-Medford High School
To what extent does moisture of a lichen's environment affect the size of a lichen's thallus?
  • Ellis Rosenberg, Eden Cunningham, Stella Green, Isabella Underwood
  • Portledge School
The effect of proximity to polluted water on the biodiversity of lichens
  • Ella Carroll, Leah Pisano, Dilnoor Nijjar
  • Lynbrook High School