How is Fungi a Bioindicator of Air Quality
  • Alana Persaud, Angelica Capparelli, Aleksandra Weglarz
  • Forest Hills High School
Biodiversity of Fungi in New York
  • Brian Lancea, Xavier Garcia
  • Forest Hills High School
Central Park Fungal Biodiversity
  • Evelyn Sargsyan, An Vi Wong, Avalon Zucker
  • Dwight School
Fungi Biodiversity in New York City
  • Allegra Masterson, Alma Laufer - Barhad, Neil Kush, Nate Rose
  • Dwight School
Mushroom Foragers
Biodiversity of mushrooms in Northern New Jersey
  • Linah Han, Erica Lee, Davin Shin
  • Tenafly HS
Polypore Fungi and their Host Trees in Westchester County, NY
Polypore fungi and their host trees in Westchester county, NY
  • Anjali Shafiee, Iqra Ahmad, Nina Willey
  • The Ursuline School
The Impacts of Invasive Species on Soil Quality in Central Park vs. Blackrock Forest
  • Karina Boettle, Maris Vandamme, Kathryn Sheehan, Esme Suslak
  • The Spence School
Bioindicator Fungal DNA: Comparing Environment Quality in Black Rock and Central Park
  • Nichelle White, Xinran Ma, Sahana Crawford
  • The Spence School
Analyzing the Health of Green Spaces in Northwest Brooklyn Through Fungal Species
  • Angebella Arjune, Gala Kamal-Bordelois
  • Brooklyn Technical High School